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I spent a lot of today going over where we are and how far we've come and how our future looks. Unfortuanly, I don't have enough time to lead a clan and because of that reason and that reason only. =CK= will have to stop being a serious clan. The TS3 will still be up for a while and everyone can come on and chat but we won't be playing any games as a clan.
TS3 IP: ts.alienworldhosting.com:1337

Since December of 2007, from when we were nobodies, we've come to be known in many games and have come to be recocnized by many individua ... Read more »
Views: 22351 | Added by: NeonSoldierX | Date: 2012-August-23 | Comments (0)

Numerical IP:
Wordy IP: ts.alienworldhosting.com:1337
Views: 47923 | Added by: NeonSoldierX | Date: 2012-February-11 | Comments (27)

Introducing our 2 new Volunteer Moderators, -Shiny- & Vermonster!

A Volunteer Mo ... Read more »

Views: 1490 | Added by: NeonSoldierX | Date: 2012-January-19 | Comments (0)

The time has come to choose 2 new Volunteer Moderators!

... Read more »

Views: 1045 | Added by: NeonSoldierX | Date: 2012-January-12 | Comments (0)

Congrats to the =CK= Members!
Views: 1085 | Added by: NeonSoldierX | Date: 2012-January-10 | Comments (0)

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