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The Ranking system in =CK= is simple. Look at the chart below to learn more about how it works.

RankDescriptionHow to Advance to Next Level
 NormalOnce you are successfully a part of =CK=, you will be given this rank. It has no powers and shows only that you are a MEMBER of =CK=. Earn some respect.
 Game ManagerAfter you earn more respect from clan members, which can include: others asking for your opinion, taking leadership in any matter or simply being friendly. You will be given the Game Manager rank. This MAY or MAY NOT mean that you are an actual "manager" for a game. Take leadership, and continue good behavior.
Admin or ModeratorGiven 5-6 months of good behavior, Higher Admins will CONSIDER you for the Admin or Moderator rank. An Admin or Moderator will usually have a "staff" position for which ever game they play most. Stay in the clan for a long time, even through hardships, show great leadership and show excellent behavior.
 Higher Admin Higher Admin rank is for members who have been in =CK= for almost or over a year. They can be be appointed ONLY by the Clan Owner and there is only a handful for each division. Higher Admins have all the power of the Clan Leader other than shutting down a division. You can't advance. If you have made it this far, you are truly a =CK= legend. :)
 Clan Owner The clan owner has control over all and every aspect of the clan, usually does not interfere in division specific matters, but instead only in important clan specific matters. There can only be one Clan Owner and the Clan Owner CAN change. What next level?

Understand that a member CAN get demoted for bad behavior. Other special Clan Ranks are defined below.

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